Wednesday, 16 June 2010

11+: Crawlers - Sam Enthoven


Ben is on a school trip. So is Jasmine. What they don't know is that not everybody in the theatre is there to watch the play and, in fact, they'll never get to see it ...There is panic at the Barbican when the fire alarms start wailing, but the strangely silent theatre staff, trap them inside the building rather than letting them out to safety. Ben, Jasmine and their classmates soon discover that there's no fire - what's happening is much weirder, and much scarier. Strange spider-like creatures swarm through the building attacking people and turning them into vicious killers, and the kids have to run for their lives. But barricaded in an office, with these creatures waiting outside for them, the children realise they're stuck. Will they ever get out? And, more importantly can they trust each other?


If you want a horror story that will make you itch, will make you squirm and above all will entertain the reader then you really have to get your hands on this offering by Sam Enthoven. It’s got some wicked twists, the story arc is more twisted than a knotted rope and its all topped off with some great characterisation as the reader comes to learn about the enemy within.

A top notch offering and one that will really have this book flying amongst the young readers as word of mouth sings this offerings praises in a world that’s overly populated with so much of the same old fiction with this totally new and bizarre offering.

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