Sunday, 1 May 2011

9+: Legends: Death and the Underworld, Heroes and Villains - Anthony Horowitz

Release Date: 06/05/11


When life is over, and the conflicted souls of the dead wend their weary way down to the underworld, what do they see? A three-headed dog with slavering jaws, a dark and foreboding river with a skeletal ferryman or simply darkness? Only the very brave or very foolish will venture down into the realm of the afterlife by choice, and they will seldom live to tell the tale ...

Release Date: 06/05/11


The battle between good and evil has raged throughout time, in every corner of this world and the next. The heroes and villains of this ancient conflict are many and varied. Some have fought using their superior strength, and some their wit and cunning. Others would triumph with speed, skill, or sheer determination, but they all had one thing in common: they would fight to the death ...


What I love about Anthony’s writing is that it is accessible to all readers. Here, in his own unique voice, he returns to Legends that will appeal to all. Whilst I am familiar with a number of the tales within from mainly Western Europe, it’s the African, Polynesian and the Indian tales that were new to me and as such the more fascinating as I’d never heard them before.

Finally add to this, wonderful prose, great pace and a style that is not only unique in its own vocal tradition but wonderfully imaginative and the set is something that you just can’t ignore. Especially if you read one tale at a time with your young reader as my nephew loved the individual stories as they built up over successive nights.

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  1. What age group would this series be aimed at specifically? And I mean in the real world, not the rating world. ;)