Saturday, 7 May 2011

3+: Never Shake a Rattlesnake - Michaela Morgan

Release Date: 06/05/11


Don't teach the bunny rabbits your own disgusting habits. Don't picnic with a python in the park. Everyone knows about saying please and thank you, and not talking with your mouth full. But when it comes to dealing with grumpy grizzly bears and hairy chimpanzees, things get a lot more complicated ...Rollicking rhymes combine perfectly with Nick Sharratt's trademark witty illustrations in this thoroughly modern look at good behaviour!


This title is a bit of a weird one for me as I was confused by the authors writing style. Why? Well there didn’t seem to be a lot of cohesion between the rhyme or any reason with the rhythm that should have permeated this title which left me wondering where exactly the authors attention was being diverted to.

That said, the pictures are bright and will attract the young reader’s attention and when you add the movement angle to them, make them a fun combination.

All in, it’s OK, but when you’re creating for the 3+ market, you need to stick to some steady rhythm as well as patterns that they can learn to recognise and in future join in with; otherwise you may as well not try to create something for them.

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