Tuesday, 17 May 2011

10+: The Bad Tuesdays 4: The Nonsuch King - Benjamin J Myers

Release Date: 05/05/11


Splinter Tuesday is hungry for power, and he has a daring plan to get it - if he can stay alive! His brother, Box, is fighting for his life on a distant planet. His sister, Chess, is learning to walk between the worlds. Only then will she be ready to take on the evil Twisted Symmetry - and win. But the Twisted Symmetry has plans of its own. Time is running out. Splinter, Box and Chess have never been in more danger.


Whilst I’ve not always been as appreciate of the Bad Tuesdays as I perhaps should have been, the characters in this series really stand out making this an Urban Fantasy for the young reader to enjoy. They are fully rounded, they have some great characters flaws and above all else the author has taken the time to not only allow them to play to their strengths but also to figure things through their weaknesses. Add to this a decent pace, some memorable moments and a great overall arc, it is a story that will leave readers gasping for the next Tuesday outing. Great stuff.

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