Saturday, 21 May 2011

5+: I Can Write: On the Farm, On Holiday - Simon Abbott

Release Date: 16/05/11


Child-friendly 'wipe-clean' spreads allow children to recognise and practise writing first words. Each book features six scenes containing between four and six everyday words. The special pen and wipe-clean element allow children to first copy and then write each word, again and again. The colourful design treatment makes these interactive books highly appealing.


After learning to draw, learning to write is perhaps the second best gift a child can learn and as such these titles from Simon Abbott will help them learn all about their letters and word association. They’re colourful, they’re reuseable and above all else they have a pen that can be used to wipe and rewrite the worlds until the lettering becomes second nature.

Add to this a light fun way to learn and these books are a real gift for all concerned. The only thing that I’ll say to make sure is that you hide the pen when not in use otherwise you may have to learn to be handy with the paint brush.

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