Thursday, 19 May 2011

3+: The Happy Book - Malachy Doyle

Release Date: 16/05/11


Squabble less! Share more! Tease less! Tickle more! This charming picture book text is perfect for adult and child to read together. It has cheerful messages about sharing, giving and how to spread a little happiness to others, all complemented by bright, warm and colourful illustrations.


This title is an unusual one for the young market. It promotes the positive train of thought whilst relegating the negative aspects. It has bright colours, it has simple to understand language and above all else it shows happy characters as they promote the best that they can be within. It’s a book that is interesting and one that might be worth picking up to read to your young reader as they learn to express themselves. All round something a little different to a number of books out there and all in anything that aids positive behaviour has to be a good thing.

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