Tuesday, 3 May 2011

3+: Banana Skin Chaos - Lilli L'Arronge

Release Date: 02/05/11


A little boy is about to throw a banana skin on the ground when his sister warns him of the disasters that will follow in this brilliant picture book of actions and consequences. As each page is turned, the story develops increasingly astonishing detail. Soon a quiet, ordinary town becomes somewhere with more than a little chaos.


A book of What If’s as chaos ensues due to one errant boy throwing his Banana Skin upon the ground rather than the bin. Its fun, its bright and it has action sequences that the reader will just love as there is an almost Where’s Wally feel to the book as you seek to find out what’s going to happen next.

All in its good fun, the characters are people the young reader can associate with and best of all it’s a title that really will endear itself as well as sticking to the child’s imagination alongside giving the adult a chuckle as the read it out pointing out the differences. Add to this a wonderful set of questions at the books end that will have you relooking at many of the images to find the answers and it’s a book that has plenty of value for money.

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