Wednesday, 11 May 2011

10+: Changeling 5: Zombie Dawn - Steve Feasey

Release Date: 06/05/11


The last instalment in the chilling Changeling series - in which Trey must face down the evil vampire Caliban in their most fearsome encounter yet. There will be evil spirits, zombies and complete and utter devastation in London! Will werewolf Trey and his cohorts triumph or will the world be turned to darkness forever?


To be honest with you, I’m was quite sad to read this title, the last in the Changeling series by Nick Feasey. The characters have grown with their roles, they’ve had conflicts internally as well as the greater threat from outside and whilst its moved at its own pace, each of them have become friends in their own way.

That said, Nick really didn’t let up with this title, he created a no holds barred book where anything could and possibly would happen with the reader never sure as to whether the team would survive the final epic confrontation with Caliban. It is wonderfully written, the plotline pretty explosive and when you add it all in with the writing style of the author the prose really does bring it all to life which makes this a great conclusion and all in a story that will delight the fans. It’s going to be interesting to see what he comes up with next.

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