Monday, 9 May 2011

5+: Daddy Lost his Head - Quentin Blake, Andre Bouchard

Release Date: 05/05/11


What would you do if your daddy lost his head? Make him a new one of course! All you need is some old newspapers, paint and a potato for his nose. It turns out there are lots of advantages to having a dad with no head: he doesn't shout or snore, he always agrees with you, and he loves doing the hoovering. But will Daddy ever find his real head?


This is a complex book to review as to be honest I wasn’t sure to which age group it was aimed, some of the elements are quite scary. The story has a lot of text and whilst its very clever with the outline it does feel more like a title aimed at fans of Roald Dahl especially when you add the artwork of Quentin Blake.

All in its very clever and a title that I did get a huge laugh from, especially when I read it to my oldest nephew who, as my gauge of ultimate fun, lets me know what he thinks. Having said this, it could well be a book that will need to be slit up into parts as it will take you a while to read and whilst we did get through it, it was a two part read with a huge play session in the middle. Not that that’s a bad thing but with many children wanting a whole story before bed, it could well be a title that you’ll have to take your time with and if you can’t devote over half an hour for that then this isn’t the best book for you.

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