Friday, 19 August 2011

TEEN: August - Bernard Beckett

span style="font-size:130%;">Release Date: 18/08/11


A wonderful introduction to numbers as each page reveals babies involved in various crazy antics ...until ten little babies lie fast asleep in their beds. With an easy-to-read rhyming text by Rose Impey and charming, humorous art by Nicola Smee, this is the perfect book for all young readers, whether they're learning to count or not.


Whilst this title is originally sited as an adult book I’d suggest that its perhaps more of a break through from the Teen market to the world of adult titles. It’s cleverly written, the characters believable as well as interesting and when added to a writing style that is not only fascinating but one that feels like a warm guiding hand, makes this a title that was hard to put down. All in, whilst I’m not that familiar with this Antipodean author it is something that makes me think about looking more into his early stuff purely for the fact that I like his style.

Whilst it won’t be for everyone there are some interesting idea’s explored within which when blended with decent dialogue as well as a firm guiding hand make this a journey of discovery for all.

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