Sunday, 21 August 2011

3+: Frank and Teddy Make Friends - Louise Yates

Release Date: 03/02/11


Meet Professor Frank Mouse. He's very clever, very inventive and very ... lonely. Though he loves collecting, making and mending all sorts of things, shy Frank would love to have a friend to help him, so one day he makes Teddy! But Frank doesn't realise that what he really needs is a true friend - someone to teach him that real friendship is all about sharing, and Teddy might be just the fellow to do it...


Louise Yates is an author that charms the reader with the wonderful images that her tale evokes as well as gives the reader something special in the way of morals. In this title she demonstrates how much fun you can have when you not only make friends but also generate a whole new set of events to improve your own life.

It’s fun, the characters are wonderful and I hope to read many more Frank and Teddy adventures as the two, not only work well together, but could potentially generate a whole host of tales as events transpire around them.

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