Thursday, 11 August 2011

5+: Yuck! What's that Smell? - Anja Boretzki

Release Date: 04/08/11


Puppy is trying to take a nice walk but - yuck! What is that disgusting smell? Is it mouse's mouldy cheese, or rabbit's revolting rubbish? Perhaps there is a way for Puppy to get his smelly revenge . . . Scratch the page and sniff the hilariously horrible odour to get really involved in the story!


OK, yes to some this title may be a little childish, but hey, what can I say, I’m still 5 at heart with a father who is exactly the same and let’s face it, when you’re that old, body functions are hilarious. What this book from Anja does is take the reader on a journey with dog who encounters all sorts of awful smells which has a childlike payoff at the end. Add to this the unique “scratch and sniff” option at the end and it will heavily appeal to anyone with a similar sense of humour to mine.

Add to this colourful pictures in this card format title and it’s a book that can be enjoyed quite a few times. Although lets be honest here, the child is going to be getting everyone to sniff the unpleasant scent at the end. All in, for me, this is an ideal present for a “grandparent” with a silly sense of humour as they will enjoy sharing this with the grandchildren (in this case my dad with my nephews) as this title is hugely enjoyable and was great fun to read. I just hope that my nephews parents feel the same way when “Grandad” surprises everyone. LOL

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