Sunday, 7 August 2011

5+: Alien: An Owners Guide - Jonathan Emmett

Release Date: 05/08/11


If you have made the brave decision to own your very own alien, then brace yourself for an experience that is out of this world! This extra-terrestrial guide contains all you need to know about caring for your energetic, alien life form. With helpful hints and tips on how to pick the perfect egg and cope with cocoons and hazardous toilet habits (alien pee is acidic!). But watch out! Aliens are intelligent, they develop fast and may wish to return home. And if you're not very careful, they may take you with them ...This is an another superbly funny spoof user guide with an intergalactic twist. It is from the creators of Monsters: An Owner's Guide .


As a reader of multiple picture books, one that I really remember well was the original, Monster: An Owners Guide, now his trademark humour and novel manual has come to the attention of the Alien and delivers as well as its predecessor. It’s colourful, its beautifully illustrated and when backed up with a great sense of fun in its delivery really made this a title to cheer up the reader as well as amuse them.

Add to this a whole host of different actions within the images as well as alien translations to make and it was a title that I really had trouble putting down and can see it being demanded time and again. My only real problem at the moment is deciding which Nephew this one will go to. Perhaps I’ll keep it easy and let their grandparents have it as a special treat for all to enjoy, especially when I know a certain Grandad will get just as much of a kick out of this as them.

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