Tuesday, 23 August 2011

8+: Evidence of Dragons - Pie Corbett

Release Date: 01/07/11


EVIDENCE OF DRAGONS brings Pie Corbett’s achingly beautiful poems together for the very first time. His poems are full of the wonder of the ordinary and introduce us to characters and topics as varied as THE LAST UNICORN, MY BROTHER’S PIG, THE DRAGON WHISTLER, STARS, SHADOW PUPPETS and THE CLOUD APPRECIATION SOCIETY.

‘The Dragon Whistler

tucks stars into her pocket,

reaches for a sunset;

purses her moonlit lips

and whistles . . .’


I do enjoy a bit of poetry every so often and whilst I’m usually found reading War Poetry, for a child this title from Pie Corbett is ideal. It explores so many different ideas and allows them to have something not only unique but meaningful to dip into whenever they get the urge. It’s witty, it’s clever and perhaps best of all it’s a title that explores so many different subjects that it’s one that will strike their own imagination. All in this is a wonderful experience for all who pick it up and the adult will get just as much from it as the child concerned especially when you consider how emotive and emotional this art form can be.

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