Friday, 5 August 2011

8+: Flight to Dragon Isle - Lucinda Hare

Release Date: 04/08/11


A brutal war against the united hobgoblin tribes rages, and Quenelda longs to accompany her hero Dragon Lord father into battle. But when the elite Stealth Dragon Services is ambushed and defeated - due to the dark treachery of the Grand Master - and her father is presumed dead, the Seven Sea Kingdoms are thrown into turmoil. Evil plots swirl - with even Quenelda's own beloved dragon in mortal danger - but Quenelda finds a magical, secret solace at the heart of the fabled fortress Dragon Isle. Can she use her new powers to set the tide of victory turning against the hobgoblins?


Having loved the original novel by Lucinda I really couldn’t wait to get reacquainted with Root and Quenelda as their adventures continue against the evil behind the scenes, the Grand Master, former friend of Quenelda’s father Earl Rufus De Winter.

Whilst the first book set the scene, this one gets down to the bare bones of the matter at hand and like the Empire Strikes Back, it’s a lot darker than the first as there’s a lot of death as well as devastation and it looks overall like the Grand Master who would be King is all set to become the Emperor of all he surveys. Add to this a good number of twists, some very bleak outcomes backed up with one ember of light that will need the best efforts of everyone to ensure that the fire of righteousness takes light.

All in this title was a scary and thoroughly enjoyable read despite the darker aspect and one that I feel shows quite clearly that not every world is sweetness and light with the heroes not winning every battle. Its cleverly written, the cast addictive and when backed with stooges (the Hobgoblins and Quenelda’s Brother) as well as Patsies (Quenelda’s Brother again) it’s one that really will keep the reader demanding the third instalment. A cracking read although you may want to read through it with your own hatchling due to some of the subject matter.

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