Thursday, 6 January 2011

TEEN: Dark Secrets 3 - Elizabeth Chandler

Release Date: 06/01/11


Anna O'Neill knows her family is a little crazy. But when she goes to visit her aunt and uncle for the summer and learns that her uncle's charred body has been found, her life reaches a new level of insanity. According to the local town gossip, all the O'Neill women are psychic or psychotic, and with her erratic aunt's 'psychic' abilities, exaggerated by grief, making her more unstable than ever, perhaps even dangerous, Anna is struggling to pick up the pieces and establish any sense of normality. Anna desperately wants to trust Zack, the cute boy next door, but it seems even he might know more than he's letting on. But when Anna starts to feel an unexplainable pull to the site of her uncle's murder, she begins to believe that maybe her family's supernatural gifts are real after all. Torn between loyalty and suspicion, Anna is certain of only one thing; she must discover who killed her uncle before she ends up in ashes herself...


The new offering from Elizabeth Chandler and whilst the others have been compendiums this one is a standalone repackaging. The tale is reasonable, the characters do what you expect and whilst they’re not as rounded in this offering as the previous I suspect its due to not having to do a lot of the work as the readers are already hooked upon them.

All in, it’s reasonable and adds more layers to the previous two titles which will keep the younger teen reader happy.

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