Monday, 17 January 2011

10+: Crusade - Linda Press Wulf

Release Date: 04/01/11


Robert: Left on the steps of a church as a baby, Robert was often hungry but never stole food like the other orphans in town. Introverted and extraordinarily intelligent, he knew all the Latin prayers and hymns by heart by the time he was five years old. Georgette: Her own mother died in childbirth, leaving Georgette with a father who, seventeen at the time, had neither experience nor aptitude as a nurturing parent, and a brother known in town as Le Fuer - The Spitfire - for his terrible temper. Perhaps to replace something missing from their own lives, both Robert and Georgette are drawn to the news of a crusader, twelve or thirteen, no older than themselves, travelling down through France with thousands of followers - all, unbelievably, children too. Of those thousands, this is the incredible story of two. A story of hardship, loss and of love.


With older readers fascinated with the Crusade, there are very few titles aimed at the younger market to allow them to get a flavour of the time. Here within this title, Linda explores the famed Children’s Crusade and brings to life this journey of thousands of miles to the reader. Each word is carefully sculpted to help bring this time period to life, each sentence beautifully constructed to allow the descriptiveness of the time to be brought to them. Back that up with some great characters that the reader can understand as well as care about you know that this story is one that deserves the young adults reading time. A real gem and one that I completely loved.

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