Thursday, 27 January 2011

10+: Wardstone Chronicles 4: The Spooks Battle - Joseph Delaney

Release Date: 05/03/09


This is the fourth instalment of the Wardstone Chronicles . In Pendle the witches are rising and the three most powerful witch clans are rumoured to be uniting in order to conjure an unimaginable evil. Together they will be capable of raising the dark made flesh - the Devil himself. Tom and the Spook need to set off for Pendle to avert the unthinkable. But before they go, the Spook tells Tom to journey home and collect the trunks Mam left behind for him. But what dark family secrets are contained in the trunks? And will they place Tom's family in even greater danger or provide the help Tom and his master will need in Pendle?


The fourth part in this delightfully delicious series and one where all hell breaks loose literally. As with the other titles, its addictive, the characters stand on their own and the fact that each continues to grow really makes this something special. Add to the mix some secrets from the past rearing their head, some truths that the readers may have suspected and of course a peril that will keep you glued to the last page and you know that you’ve gotten something special.

Finally add a few more dangerous situations, a growing number of surviving enemies and the peril that our hero faces will be something that will endanger him when his apprentice not only ends but when he’s out on his own. A seriously great arc and a very scary future prospect is cleverly delivered.

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