Tuesday, 18 January 2011

12+: The Faerie Wars 5: The Faeman Quest - Herbie Brennan

Release Date: 04/01/11


The Faeman Girl is Mella, daughter of Lord Henry and Queen Holly Blue, half faerie, half human and all trouble. When Mella accidentally travels to the country of Haleklind, she discovers rebel forces preparing an invasion using magical manticores. Old favourites are here - Brimstone, Lord Hairstreak and Pyrgus - but readers will identify immediately with Mella, whose stubborn streak and feisty daring must save the faerie realm from mass destruction.


An unusual title and one that I started worried about how it would turn out as jumping in on a series so far in, could leave the reader worrying about how much they’ve not only missed but also how much of the world building just won’t make sense.

Unfortunately, for me, jumping in on the fifth book was just a bridge to far and whilst I could figure out what was happening within I felt that I’d lost a lot of not only the bigger picture but a lot of the delightful world building that you get when you start a series at the beginning. The book itself is well written, the characters felt like they were trying to break out and whilst the prose and pace were acceptable, I just couldn’t wrap my head around the events and previous history that occurs. A shame but when I get the time I will go back and pick up the first title so that I can start where I should have done with this series.

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