Monday, 24 January 2011

10+: Wardstone Chronicles 1: The Spooks Apprentice - Joseph Delaney

Release Date: 05/03/09


This is a terrifying series about a young boy training to be an exorcist. Thomas Ward is the seventh son of a seventh son and has been apprenticed to the local Spook. The job is hard, the Spook is distant and many apprentices have failed before Thomas. Somehow Thomas must learn how to exorcise ghosts, contain witches and bind boggarts. But when he is tricked into freeing Mother Malkin, the most evil witch in the County, the horror begins.


Having become very interested in this series having read the Spook Bestiary, I really was excited when the whole lot landed for pure delectation on the build up to the holiday period. Not sure what to expect I cracked open the first cover (after dark as I was feeling brave) and started the title. A few hours later I closed the last page and had the opportunity to consider what I’d read prior writing this review.

What occurs within this, the first book in Joseph’s Wardstone series, is a title that not only introduces the darker world beneath our own to the reader but does it in such a way that it’s a journey of discovery along with the stories principle character. It’s definitely fun, it’s definitely a story that will grip the reader and above all else for those who live within a certain county, a lot of it is easily recognisable.

Add to this a gripping story, a great sense of pace and some top notch dialogue and the reader really does have a great treat ahead. If the other titles build as much as this one has, you know that its going to be something really special to enjoy especially during a holiday period when the dark nights creep in with those noises outside could be a boggart or two on their own forays into the towns.

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