Thursday, 20 January 2011

12+: The Medusa Project: Hunted - Sophie McKenzie

Release Date: 06/01/11


Dylan, the daughter of the scientist who created the Medusa gene for psychic powers, has never felt she really fits into the crime-fighting Medusa Project. But then she makes a discovery about her father's death which changes everything. As she and the other Medusa teens search for the truth, Dylan meets Harry - a boy who seems to know more about Dylan's past than she does. But can Dylan trust him? While Dylan searches for the mysterious legacy that her father has left her from beyond the grave, her dad's killer closes in. But just how far is the murderer prepared to go to keep Dylan from finding out the truth?


To be honest I was apprehensive about this title, especially after reading the previous and discovered that this one was to feature Dylan as the principle player as, to be frank, I really haven’t liked her in the other titles as I felt that she was a little to selfish and self-centred to allow the reader to connect on a personable level.

Whilst this can seem a little strange, Sophie does her best to allow the reader to get to grips with Dylan as well as allowing them to understand some of her motives for being the way she is. The fact that Sophie also allows Dylan to grow as well as develop into a character with more complexities and nuances demonstrates a masters touch. All in a great title for the series and one that will hopefully take the next book to another level as the characters within seek to find their own place in the world as a group.

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  1. Looks good, another TBR book I found on your blog! Thanks:)