Tuesday, 25 January 2011

10+: Wardstone Chronicles 2: The Spooks Curse - Joseph Delaney

Release Date: 05/03/09


The Spook and his apprentice, Thomas Ward have travelled to Priestown for some unfinished business. For, deep in the catacombs of the cathedral, lurks the Spook's nemesis - The Bane. A creature he has never been able to defeat. As Thomas and his master prepare for the battle of their lives it becomes clear that The Bane isn't their only enemy in town. The Quisitor has arrived, searching the county for those who meddle with the dark - witches, warlocks and Spooks! When the Spook is arrested and sentenced to death it's up to Thomas, with a little help from his old friend Alice, to rescue his master and destroy the curse of Priestown.


Having loved the first novel, I really couldn’t wait to get into the second, so after a few hours sleep I picked up this one and dug straight in. As with the first the characters have a great realistic quality, friends and foes (and those inbetween) return to the reader and of course, you know that the story weaving is expertly done.

Within is another top notch story that will keep you glued to the final page, with some great dialogue, some wonderful twists and a mystery or three that need solving. Add to the mix that the reader is never sure which way of the coin certain friends will land and you know that the tale is a close step from tragedy from the outset. A great tale and one that really kept my mind working overtime to try and figure out what was going to happen. The third is only minutes away so I’ll have to run to enjoy.

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