Thursday, 11 November 2010

TEEN: Raised by Wolves - Jennifer Lynn Barnes

Release Date: 16/09/10


Pack life is about order, but Bryn is about to push all the limits, with hair-raising results. At the age of four, Bryn watched a rabid werewolf brutally murder her parents. Alone in the world, she was rescued and taken in by Callum, the alpha of his pack. Now fifteen, Bryn's been as a human among werewolves, adhering to pack rule. Little fazes her. But the pack's been keeping a secret, and when Bryn goes exploring against Callum's orders, she finds Chase, a newly turned teen Were locked in a cage. Terrifying memories of the attack on her parents come flooding back. Bryn needs answers, and she needs Chase to get them. Suddenly, all allegiances to the pack no longer matter. It's Bryn and Chase against the werewolf world, whatever the consequences. A thrilling new YA adventure, with an electrifying link between a tough heroine and an exciting boy-were at its heart, Raised by Wolves will leave you howling for more.


A fun frolic with three unforgettable characters, cat, mouse and dog who prove that an ordinary life, can be something special and that no matter what the argument, friendship is a bond that is far stronger than anger.

It’s fun, the characters are memorable and as a modern fable it’s beautiful. Great fun for any reader and a title that will be requested time and again by the young adult in your life especially when backed with the beautiful accompanying colourful artwork. Definitely an author to watch.

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