Sunday, 14 November 2010

10+: The Wychwood Fairies - Faye Dunston

Release Date: 01/10/10


Outlandish adventurer Harriet has been hired by the illustrious Fairy Aerodynamic Exploration Society to track down the elusive Wychwood fairies. No one, so far, has been able to find them. Will Harriet and her faithful pet dragon Eric be up to the job? Find out in this breath-takingly beautiful and imaginative book. Young readers will love joining Harriet on her quest as they read her removable letters and postcards, search every inch of Wychwood and camp out overnight on a midnight hunt for fairies. With stunning artwork, a wittily recounted story and a whole host of inviting novelty elements, this book is the perfect gift for all fans of fairies ...and adventure.


This is an unusual title and one that isn’t so much a story but one that will enchant readers with its creativity as well as the inventiveness of the author to create a collectable title that readers will fall in love with. Yes it’s aimed more at the young female market but the real magic of this title is the way in which the book is put together, there are lots of things to find on each page, plenty of things to examine and of course the letters to open and read. It’s a seriously interesting book and one that really has opened the world of the Wychwood Fairies to the readers. I eagerly await the chance to see a full length novel featuring the characters alongside seeing what the author can come up with. Great fun.

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