Sunday, 21 November 2010

10+: The Bad Tuesdays 3: Blood Alchemy - Benjamin J Myers

Release Date: 07/10/10


Chess Tuesday is on the run...And the deadly Twisted Symmetry isn't far behind. They've already hunted down and imprisoned her brothers, Box and Splinter. In a world where neither friends, enemies nor family are what they seem, trust is not an option. And Chess is about to discover that the truth may be more dangerous than she ever thought possible.


To be honest with you, I’ve had a seriously hard time getting into this series and whilst I can appreciate the hard work as well as the writing talent of the author, I really couldn’t get a handle on the cast and as such felt alienated. Whilst a number of people may think that this is due to me jumping into this series part way through, it isn’t I picked up the first title and made my way from there.

All in it does build up the tension, it does give the reader an adventure and overall the reader may well get a blast from it. But for me, without being able to get a handle on the characters I get lost, confused and really don’t care which way it goes. With luck a future titles may well feature different characters in the Bad Tuesday series such as Box is a bit of an enigma that really needs more page time.

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