Tuesday, 23 November 2010

TEEN: A Gathering Light - Jennifer Donnelly

Release Date: 03/05/04


When mattie Gokey is given a bundle of letters to burn she fully intends to execute the wishes of the giver, Grace Brown. When Grace Brown is found drowned the next day in Big Moose Lake, Mattie finds that it is not as easy to burn those letters as she had thought. And, as she reads, a riveting story emerges - not only Grace Brown's story but also Mattie's hopes and ambitions for the future and her relationships with her friends and family.


As a reader I’m a few years late to this offering by Jennifer Donnelly. It’s won prizes, it’s won acclaim but would it stand up to the things that I look for in a book?

What Jennifer does well is her character descriptions as well as the emotional context to which is prevalent within this title. It’s strong where it needs to be, it has tenderness and overall the arc is exactly what readers desire making her a tough name to beat within the genre. I was more than pleased that I’d picked this title up as the reading pleasure gained as well as the thoughts that it provoked will make it a title that will stay with me for quite some time. Magical.

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