Saturday, 20 November 2010

TEEN: Buffy the Vampire Slayer Vol 2: Christopher Golden, Diana G Gallager, Pierce Askegr

Release Date: 01/11/10


Buffy Summers is the Chosen One. Born with unnatural strength and instincts, she alone must fight off the vampires of the world to save humankind. Not to mention the fact that she must also deal with the usual teen nightmares: dating, friends, and high school. Buffy, along with her best friends Willow and Xander, struggles to save the world one fiesty vamp at a time. Halloween Rain ~ Even without a maniacal scarecrow, a Sunnydale Halloween is a truly horrific happening. There are enough zombies and vampires about, ready to party hearty and eat some brains, to keep the Slayer and her friends up all night. But then the rain starts to fall...Bad Bargain ~ All hell breaks loose when Sunnydale High is once again the focus for channelled evil - but is the infestation of strange demonic vermin a harbinger of something much worse to come...? AfterImage ~ A mysterious stranger has designs on Sunnydale as the town prepares for an all-night session of horror films at the Drive-in - and that's when things get very weird indeed.


Having reviewed the original Buffy rerelease, we just couldn’t wait to get our hands on this title to see if any of the problems that we’d had had been corrected. Whilst the paper quality was still the same, what we did get was what felt like a better class of writer as the simplistic style seemed to have disappeared to be replaced by authors with a better understanding of the characters, hardly surprising when authors like Christopher Golden are involved. All in a better title than the original and with some seriously good action, a good dollop of omnibus magic and of course a seriously competitive price this title is one that gave us a lot of pure reading pleasure.

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