Saturday, 13 November 2010

11+: Gifted: Speak No Evil - Marilyn Kaye

Release Date: 03/09/10


Everyone in the Gifted class has a secret, but Carter Street is the most mysterious student of all. He never speaks, and no one knows who he is or where he came from; they just know that like them, he's special. But there's something going on behind Carter's blank stare - something dangerous.


Each Gifted title follows a separate hero and brings their story to the fore, but what Marilyn does is keep them cohesive by placing all the characters in the same class at school. This allows each character to step up when their time comes but also allows them to play a role in each other’s tales.

What makes this series is not so much the superhero aspect but that the author passes the underlying message onto the reader. The message that no matter how different you are everything is within your power to make a difference and that everyone is special. It’s a journey of discovery, it’s a journey that each must take and it’s a journey where personal enlightenment is often the goal at the end. Beautifully written, great pace and encouraging for all, this series is one that really should be enjoyed by readers.

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