Monday, 15 November 2010

8+: Wilma Tenderfoot and the Case of the Fatal Phantom - Emma Kennedy

Release Date: 05/11/10


A buried key. A golden claw. Some ghostly goings-on ...sounds like another case for Wilma Tenderfoot! Wilma Tenderfoot (feisty and determined assistant to the greatest living detective, Theodore P. Goodman) and her trusty beagle Pickle face their toughest task yet. A mummified body has been found buried in the grounds of gothic mansion Blackheart Hoo. Who is it? How did they die? And why is the mummy clutching a key? As things take a seriously spooky turn Wilma must solve the puzzle quickly ...or risk being frightened to death! There's also the small matter of some buried treasure, a kidnapping and uncovering the grizly secrets of the Blackheart family. Wilma will need all her courage and cunning to crack this case. Gulp.


Young Adult fiction is a genre that has been growing over the last few years. Unable to utilise swear words that so many adult titles seemt rely upon, the author find inventive ways to not only get their point across but to thrill and enrapture the reader.

One series that utilises this to the maximum is the Wilma Tenderfoot adventures, there’s a character for everyone, from an enthusiastic hard to control heroine right through to the rascal sidekick dog, Pickles. It is a reader’s dream with each case not only aiding Wilma in her quest to become a detective but furthers her search to find out about her own past.

Add to this great dialogue, some wonderful twisty scenarios and an arch villain who always gets his comeuppance and Young Adult Fiction really has a few treats in store.

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