Thursday, 19 August 2010

TEEN: Jealosy - Lili St Crow


Dru has made it to Schola, the leading school where the vampire-fighting Order is based. There she is up against the capricious Anna, the only other female who shares her powers. Dru must unlock the mystery of who betrayed her mother, battle her intensifying feelings for both Graves and Christophe, and try to stay hidden from Sergej's deadly nosferat - bloodthirsty hunters who'll stop at nothing to destroy her.


Having loved this young adult series from Lilith with the first two offerings, I was left thinking what Lili could do for this, the third instalment. What occurs within is a journey of growth both emotionally and physically and how our heroine learns to adapt to her new environment. It is well written, it has great pace and there is a huge innocence with the principle character that will endear this title to the adult reader. Add to the mix great timing through lulls and peaks and some dialogue that really does sound like it would come from the real world. A great title from Lili and one that I’ve already placed in an easy to access area for me to enjoy again soon, especially when I need the literature equivalent of chicken soup. Roll on the next adventure.

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