Friday, 6 August 2010

8+: Shadow Spell - Caro King


Simeon Dark is the most powerful sorcerer in the land of the Drift. Mysterious, cunning, a shape-shifter, only he can stop the evil Strood and save the Drift from dying. But where is he? Nin finds her way to Dark's mansion - a strange castle with a garden and lake spilling into the sky. There she finds a ribbon of shadowy light: could this be the unsaid spell and the clue to unlocking the mystery of Simeon Dark? Meanwhile, Strood is preparing his distillation machine, his pet tigers and some barrels of blood and is coming after her...Caro King has created a funny, rich, thrilling adventure, interwoven with fantastical creatures, myth and magic.


To be totally honest I really wasn’t that enamoured by this title. I found the writing a bit clunky, the characters two dimensional and an overall plot that was pretty predictable from start to finish. That said this is the second title in the series and having missed out on the original I may be a overally critical of this offering as most of the growth work was probably accomplished on the original. If you enjoyed the first you may enjoy the second but for new readers I’d really advise either giving this one a miss or ordering it from your local library is you have to read it.

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