Saturday, 21 August 2010

8+: Molly Moon and the Morphing Mystery - Georgia Byng

Release Date: 06/08/10


Molly Moon is unstoppable! She's a master hypnotist, a time-traveller and a mind-reader, and in this sizzling new story she harnesses a new power - morphing. Soon she and her twin brother Micky are swapping bodies with ladybirds, dogs, rats, even the Queen of England herself! But they can't continue for ever ...and unless they can get their hands on 'The Advanced Arts' hypnotism book, they will never get back to their own bodies. Sabotaged by a gaggle of wicked women who want to destroy them, Molly and Micky must find a way to return to themselves in spite of all the dangerous surprises thrown their way.


OK, this title is the fifth release in the Molly Moon series and to be honest is not the best place to start. How do I know? Well this is my first adventure with Molly and the gang and to be brutal, I was lost over the first few pages. So a break was taken, the computer was fired up and after a quick trip to Wiki I was ready to carry on.

Knowing the previous history allowed this tale to flow and whilst not every character was brought out to their full potential there was enough there to keep the story moving and give the reader what they wanted: A story where Molly and her brother will face off against equally powerful villains.

All in, this offering is well written, the dialogue believable, the villains are deliciously dark and to finish off this tale takes Molly Moon to a whole other level. I really will have to look at the previous offerings when time allows.

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