Friday, 20 August 2010

3+: If I had a Dragon - Elise and Tom Ellory


Morton doesn't want to play with his little brother - little brothers are BORING! A dragon, on the other hand, would make a really exciting playmate. Just think of the things they could do together! Swimming, hide-and-seek, whistling...Hmmm. Maybe having a big, green, flying, fire-breathing dragon in tow would be less than practical. Eventually Morton realises that having a regular little brother isn't quite so bad after all!


Imagine getting told to go and play with your brother and wish that he was a Dragon instead? Well that’s near enough what happens in this offering from these authors, except rather than finding it to be a very cool and fun experience, Morton discovers all the problems that this would entail. Its definitely fun, its quirky and to be honest was a real joy to read. I’ll look forward to sharing this with my nephews as I know that they’ll get a blast out of it.

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