Tuesday, 10 August 2010

5+: When the Dragons Came - Lynne Moore, Naomi Kefford, Benji Davies


When a family-load of boisterous, bumbling dragons burst into peaceful Poppledown Town, there's sure to be trouble! Before long, the whole town is thrown into chaos. The local market is turned upside down, the library is louder than ever and the local playgroup has never experienced such disruptive pupils! Will Poppledown Town EVER be the same again?


A title that is not just amusing but a prelude to some cracking storytelling. Beautifully written with some fun artwork it’s a story that all adults will love to tell to children with its repetitive refrain that they’ll soon pick up on. A great offering and one that will become a firm favourite for many which I hope will allow it to become a children’s classic in such a way that it deserves.

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