Friday, 27 August 2010

8+: Doghead Bites Back - Jill Marshall


Now that schoolboy Jack has embraced his doggy alter ego - Anubis, jackal-headed god of the dead - he must travel to the Afterlife and join his dead grandparents in a fight against evil that could affect the whole of history. No pressure then, Jack.


As a fan of the first offering by Jill Marshall I just had to pick up this title as soon as it landed. Part paying homage by putting it within my mouth whilst I finished making a sandwich and a cup of tea. What unfurls within is a tale that keeps you guessing to the last page, has hints and clues and allows the characters within to grow to fulfil a greater part of their potential. The dialogue works, the descriptiveness works and above all else it’s the authors ability to suck you into her world that really takes it to another level. Whilst you can read this with out having read the first I’d definitely advise starting with book one, especially if you’re trying to get you young reader to enjoy reading more as well as giving them something special.

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