Tuesday, 3 August 2010

3+: Christian the Hugging Lion - Justin Richardson, Peter Parnell


From the moment that Ace and John brought Christian the lion cub home from a London department store, they knew they had created a special family. But Christian soon grew too big to live with them in their small apartment, so Ace and John flew Christian to Africa to live with other lions. A year later, they went to visit. Would Christian remember them? With wit and warmth, Justin Richardson, Peter Parnell and Amy June Bates tell the true story of an unusual family whose emotional reunion became a worldwide Internet sensation.


A title based on the true story of Christain the Lion who was bought in Harrods (London) and rehabilitated to be released in Africa by George Adamson (of the Born Free organisation.) Wonderfully told and beautifully drawn it was a title that really upset me (due to the ending.) Not that it’s a bad ending but the emotion that it made me feel really got to me. Definitely a title to add to any children’s nursery and one that will be revisited time and again.

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