Sunday, 18 September 2011

TEEN: Prophecy of the Sisters 3: The Circle of Fire - Michelle Zink

Release Date: 30/08/11


Now that Lia has found the missing pages of the Librum Maleficii et Disordinae, or the Book of Chaos, the end of the Prophecy is in sight. While Lia tries to save James from Alice's sinister grasp, she unlocks the prophecy's final mystery and a caveat that may put an end to any hope of ending the prophecy; to close the Gate to the Beast forever, Lia must convene in an ancient ritualistic ceremony with all four keys at Avebury. But that's not all. Alice, as Guardian, must be there as well.


The concluding part to Michelle’s trilogy and one that readers have been demanding for quite some time. As usual with the series it’s the characters that not only drive the story forward through the forcefulness of their personalities but also through consequences of past choices as Michelle gives the fully rounded principal players the final set of circumstances to navigate as the tale wends its merry way.

It’s wonderfully colourful, beautifully constructed and overall a satisfying read which when added to what has gone before makes this an outstanding series from the first page to the last. Definitely one that has gone up in my estimation with each passing novel and one that I suspect that the author agonised over from start to finish. Whilst I was a little sad to see it end, I now eagerly await to see where Michelle will take her talents to next.

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