Saturday, 24 September 2011

5+: Traction Man Meets Turbo Dog - Mini Grey

Release Date: 01/10/09


The little boy, Traction Man, and his brave pet, Scrubbing Brush, are inseparable--until the boy's father throws the "unhygienic" Scrubbing Brush in the trash and replaces it with a "real" toy, the battery-operated TurboDog, in this exciting sequel. Full color.


Mini Grey is one of those authors who comes up with something not only unusual but something that really is a bit of a cult classic in the field of childrens titles. Here in this, the second Traction Man story he undergoes an adventure in the garden with a firm mission in mind as well as objectives that really keeps this title moving along at quite a pace. It’s quirky, it’s a lot of fun and when you add into it the nostalgic feel for the reader (assuming it’s a parent) it’s a story that will quite quickly find a way into your own heart alongside the childrens.

All in this was as much fun for me as for my nephews and whilst they were a little confused with it, when I showed them one of my old Action Man’s (yep the Side to side eye ones in his scuba gear) their eyes soon lit up. Great fun.

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