Wednesday, 7 September 2011

8+: TheComic Strip Big Fat Book of Knowledge - Tracy Turner and Sally Kindburg

Release Date: 05/09/11


Packed with fantastic facts, figures and stories about the world we live in and the galaxies beyond, this single volume contains 288 colour pages of pure Comic Strip genius. Learn about everything - from the smallest amoeba to the secrets of the furthest corners of the known Universe, and the myths that shaped the way we see the world. This Big Fat Book is an irresistibly humorous and accessible source of knowledge (with pictures) for the whole family to enjoy.


I love a book that brings knowledge across to the younger reader in a fun, interesting and memorable way, which is what this title by Tracey and Sally does. It covers a lot of different area’s and every reader will find something to interest them throughout the book. It’s clever, it’s witty and the humour within helps make the dates and facts memorable for all who read it. All in this is a fun book and one that could be a sneaky way to help get certain things through to the younger reader to help them in school.

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