Monday, 12 September 2011

3+: Muddle Mountain Magnet Book - Ag Jatkowska

Release Date: 02/09/11


On Muddle Mountain you can learn to ski and skate, and whizz down the slopes on your sledge or snowboard too. Children will love using the sparkly magnets to create their very own winter wonderland, and with lots to spot on every page they’ll be kept busy for hours! Read the story and do the activities, or use the magnets to invent your own snowy stories. Comes complete with a handy magnet storage compartment, a carry-handle and clasp!


When you’re trying to get a young child to enjoy a book, you’ll find yourself doing all sorts of things to help make it entertaining such as putting on voices or even pointing to parts of the picture. What this title by Ag Jatkowska does is allow you to take storytelling to a whole new level as you can place the magnets in different places so that it’s a new experience every time. It also allows the adult to make up their own story to help extend playtime.

It is clever, it has a lot of scope for adaptation and it is an item that really will pay for itself in entertainment value alone. All in a lot of fun and something that I think a lot of children will enjoy.

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