Tuesday, 13 July 2010

TEEN: Passing Strange - Dan Waters


Karen DeSonne always passed as a normal teenager - and now that she's dead, she's still passing - this time, as alive. When her dead friends are accused of a high profile murder and forced into hiding, she has to prove their innocence. Which means doing the unthinkable and becoming the girlfriend of bionist zealot Peter Martinsburg, who she suspects of framing them. But if he finds out who Karen really is, the consequences for her will be worse than death...


The third novel in the popular series by Dan Waters and an interesting new take on the zombie mythos that the author has been working on. What occurs within this offering is something totally new to the genre and definitely a worthy addition that I feel a number of other authors will pick up upon. Beautifully written and backed up with realistic characters its an interesting world to walk through as these teens not only have to deal with the typical teenage worries but as the popular website itself says, there so called unlife.

Add to the mix a villain that deals from behind the scenes that you’ll just love to hate alongside a gullible stooge and this novel really is a treat to its epic conclusion. Few write teenage angst alongside zombiefication like Waters which makes him a name to set the standards by.

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