Tuesday, 20 July 2010

11+: Artemis Fowl and the Atlantis Complex - Eion Colfer


Artemis Fowl's criminal ways have finally got the better of him ...Young Artemis has frequently used high-tech fairy magic to mastermind the most devious criminal activity of the new century. Now, at a conference in Iceland, Artemis has gathered the fairies to present his latest idea to save the world from global warming. But Artemis is behaving strangely - he seems different. Something terrible has happened to him ...Artemis Fowl has become nice. The fairies diagnose Atlantis Complex - that's obsessive compulsive disorder to you and me - dabbling in magic has damaged his mind. Fairy ally Captain Holly Short doesn't know what to do. Because the subterranean volcanoes are under attack from vicious robots and Artemis cannot fight them. Can Holly get the real Artemis back - before the robot probes destroy every human and life form.


The latest offering in the mega Artemis Fowl series and one that see’s perhaps the biggest danger to Artemis being Artemis himself. What Eion brings to this latest offering is a tale of double dealing, mysterious occurances and danger to the extreme. Add to the mix a tale that is not only beautifully written but one that continues to allow the characters to grow binds it all together with something pretty damn unique in the world of Young Adult Literature. A real treat and a worthy offering for this series.

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