Wednesday, 21 July 2010

TEEN: Cathy's Ring - Jordan Wiesman, Sean Stewart, Cathy Briggs


Following on from Cathy's Book and Cathy's Key , 18-year-old Cathy wakes up one morning to discover three dead bodies slumped outside her house in San Francisco. One of the Eight Immortals, Ancestor Lu, is sending hired assassins after Cathy because she stole the mortality serum (this has the power to render even an immortal mortal). Cathy runs away from home to be pursued across the state, accompanied by broken-armed Denny, ingenious best friend Emma and techno-savvy Pete. Will Cathy escape Ancestor Lu's clutches? And can she keep 'evil twin' Jewel and boyfriend Victor safe?


Whilst I haven’t come across this series prior to this offering I didn’t feel like I was left out in the cold. Why? Well theres a summation close to the beginning of this title that rounded up previous events without it being to obvious a recap and whilst the authors have taken this offering into a new realm it has tapped into the world of the Chinese mythos that has sadly been lacking in the Young Adult environment for so long. Add to the mix the friendly diary like style backed up with the emotional context of teenagers in an unseen world and it really was something different to a lot of the offerings out there.

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