Monday, 12 July 2010

12+: Forest Born - Shannon Hale


Rin, Razo's little sister, is haunted by the forest she has always loved. When Razo invites her back to the city to be one of Queen Ani's waiting women, she happily accepts...only to end up on the adventure of her lifetime, following the queen, Enna, and Dasha into the countryside in search of a fire-starting enemy that no one can see. As she learns more about the three women's magical talents, she finds her own strength comes from places both expected the forest and unexpected the sound of her own voice. A brilliant addition to the Books of Bayern', this book is a treat for fans of this series, and stands alone for readers who might be discovering the joys of Shannon Hale's writing for the first time.


A title that I had great hope for and was sadly disappointed. It is well written but the way in which its set itself up I really couldn’t get into. The characters were clunky and I felt that the audience to which it was aimed was a bit younger than the actual readership, but the key part to this is that the reader has to well and truly love the whole fairy tale style which is the pretext of this offering. It may have been better had it been written more as a graphic novel in a similar way to the authors Jack book and it could well have grown had the author simplified some of the aspects for a younger audience but overall it’s a title that is just confusing. A real shame as I know this author has some real talent.

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