Monday, 19 July 2010

3+: I Can Write: At Home, I Can Write: At School, I Can Count - Simon Abbott


Child-friendly 'wipe-clean' spreads allow children to recognise and practise writing first words. Each book features six scenes containing between four and six everyday words. The special pen and wipe-clean element allow children to first copy and then write each word, again and again. The colourful design treatment makes these interactive books highly appealing.


With reading and writing becoming more and more important these days, finding ways to help your child learn is not only beyond most peoples understanding but something that they feel is best left to schools. A sad fact as studies have shown that the younger a child is introduced to writing (and reading) the higher they are likely to achieve with their lifetime goals.

Here Simon Abbott (author of the How to Draw series) brings his talents to help children learn letters and numbers. All three of these books come with an erasable pen, some wonderful images and above all the ability to help your child learn the skills that they’ll soon require. They’re well done, they’re beautifully drawn and above all else its something that children will just love to learn each of the skills.

Perhaps the best test to date is how I introduced these to my nephew. After carefully going through what was what, he was soon learning numbers. Whilst he could already count, he wasn’t sure on how the numbers looked on paper, so the ability to count on his own and learn which number looks like what (along with learning the words that go with various items in his home) gave him a real sense of accomplishment with each word that he learns. Make education fun time in your home and help your child learn skills that will last a lifetime. What price can you put on that?

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