Wednesday, 7 July 2010

12+: Scandal (Private 11) - Kate Brian


In the 11th Private Reed has arrived back to Easton after her harrowing kidnapping to the worst thing she can think of - Billings has been torn down. Finally, after years of controversy from the administration, the school's wealthiest female alumni have been overruled and the historical dorm is gone from Easton Academy. How will Reed and the rest of the Billings Girls handle this? Will they still be as powerful, as popular and as mean with literally no ground to stand on?


To be honest a series that was reasonable but one that I really is loosing its polish fast. The characters are getting ridiculous, the plot outlines pretty repetitive and to be honest was a book that felt that it was taking too long to do anything when a lot of the points could have been reached quite quickly.

A great shame as the author had done so much to kick the series off originally but alas, I feel that she needs a new project rather than relying upon her name to sell inferior material where there are so many other up and coming authors producing superior writing.

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