Tuesday, 7 August 2012

5+: Early Readers: The Monster Crisp Guzzler - Malorie Blackman

Release Date: 07/06/12  
At her new school, Mira discovers she has a very unusual teacher - a teacher who turns into a real-life dragon when she eats crisps! This comes in very handy when the class run into trouble on a school trip to the seaside...  

If you want a story of imagination, filled with adventure and something that will keep your young reader fascinated as they learn to read then this book my Malorie could very well be the book for you. Within is a tale of adventure that will please even the most finicky of young readers as the teacher within transforms into a monster crisp guzzler and takes the reader somewhere magical. Add to this solid pace, a wonderful use of words and when weaved with the authors own brand of literary magic, makes this a book that they’ll find hard to put down. Finally add to this a great use of colour illustrations that will help keep the pages turning and all in this was a wonderful read. 

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