Tuesday, 28 August 2012

3+: The Giant's Loo Roll - Nicolas Allan

Release Date: 07/06/12  
This rip-roaring, read-aloud delight follows a giant's toilet roll as it goes on a crazy journey through town, leaving havoc in its wake. What will the townsfolk do with all the enormous sheets of paper? They could build a paper plane, or make 100s of pairs of pants...But will there be any paper left for the giant in his time of need?  

OK, since I tend to go through a few children’s books I’ve been asked by my Dad to keep an eye out for “Grandad Books.” What does this mean? Put simply books with his sense of humour that he can enjoy spending time with his grandchildren with so that they can appreciate the same things that he does. So when this title by Nicolas Allan arrived I knew that I had just the title for him to start with. The tale is fun, its has lots of bright coloured images and when added to the fact that the whole story centres around his lavatory humour, my Dad is going to love this book. Not just because his brain works on the same level as my nephews but because it will entertain him just as much as them. All in this is a gem of a title and one that will be read quite a few times.

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