Monday, 20 August 2012

3+: Wanda'S Space Party - Sue Hendra

Release Date: 26/04/12  
It's Wanda's birthday, and as a special treat, the alien takes her to visit his planet for the first time. Everything is very different on the alien planet: aliens don't brush their teeth - they brush their toes; and they don't sleep on beds - they sleep on clouds! But will Wanda's special birthday party be a little bit too strange?  

Having enjoyed the first adventure with Wanda and the Alien, it was always going to be interesting to see what would happen in subsequent titles and this one landed just in time for a nephew’s birthday. Travelling up the day before, I was able to tuck him in, and read him this tale which he loved as it as the excitement within the pages worked deeply into his imagination so much so that I was in trouble as I had to get the special hats to make the day even more special. The book has some great imagination, really bright colours which when added to a story that will fire their imagination and feel like a very special time made this a tale that was a lot of fun to get behind. 


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