Monday, 13 August 2012

12+: The Deadly Dare Mysteries - Malorie Blackman

Release Date: 26/04/12  
In "Deadly Dare", there's a new craze at Theo and Ricky's school. The rules are simple: write a dare, put it in the bag and take turns to pick one out. But on the night Ricky does his dare and enters the deserted warehouse, he disappears. What really happened to Ricky - and how much does new girl Angela know? Theo needs to find the answers before it's too late ...There's nothing unusual about getting emails from your dad ...unless he died a few months ago. In "Computer Ghost", Jade asks Theo, Ricky and Angela to help her find out what's going on. Could the mysterious, desperate messages really be from a ghost? One thing's for sure. Whoever is behind them wants something badly - and they'll stop at nothing to get it ...Theo, Ricky and Angela have to become "Lie Detectives" to uncover the truth about top inventor, Darius Marriott, after he comes to give a talk at school and collapses. Who is out to get him, and why does their friend Bullet seem so involved? They're determined to get to the bottom of it all - but that could prove to be much more dangerous than they think ...Three gripping mysteries by bestselling Malorie Blackman, now with a fresh new look.  

Malorie Blackman is an author who takes the reader by the hand and gives them a story (or in this case a set of stories) that are not only vivid but ones that they can easily associate with the characters. Its lovingly woven, the prose sharp and to the point and she keeps the reader interested by knowing what they want to read. Add to this three wonderfully woven tales in this one compendium, value for money and of course a writing talent that leaves the reader wanting more and for my money it’s a book that will encourage even reluctant readers to keep going. All in a cracking trilogy and one that will haunt long after the final page is turned. 


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